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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 21, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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november 21st 2012. welcome to cbs am morning. a bus explosion tel aviv, threatening peace talks in the middle east. we'll have reports from across the region. warning president obama and congress, if we go over the fiscal cliff there is no stopping the damage. superstorm sandy is still having an impact. this time on thanksgiving travelers. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> seeing the rockets back and forth as this conflict has been escalating. this is a new level of violence. >> in tel aviv a bomb rips through a city bus. >> comes after a week of attacks between the israeli defense forces and palestinians in gaza. >> efforts to end the fighting between israel and hamas so far have come up short. >> the rocket attacks on israeli towns must end. secretary of state hillary clinton met with palestinian leaders this morning as talks
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continue to end the blood shed. >> at this stage nobody really knows. millions of americans head out to their thanksgiving destinations. >> it is game on for more than 43 million americans hitting the roads. >> more than 3 million of us are expected to fly to our destinations this holiday. >> it's going to be so jammed up, listen to this, tsa agents say passengers are being asked to grope themselves. birth control pills should be sold over the counter say a number of doctors. shake-up on sesame street. a man behind elmo announces he will be leaving the show after another accusation by underage boys. >> ban public nudity. and score from high school basketball that's hard to believe. 138 points from one guy. if you don't believe me, you don't know jack. >> and all that matters. >> thanksgiving united states of
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america and you're taking on quite something. >> find out who is spending three days waiting in line for these black friday sales and go shopping at their house. >> on "cbs this morning." >> let's take a look at the clip. >> i thought you were going to go in for a kiss. okay. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm charlie rose in new york. norah o'donnell is in washington. we've been expecting an announcement of cease fire between israel and hamas for nearly 24 hours. it stale has not happened. and both sides are still trading air attacks across the gaza/israel border. >> this morning israeli officials say a bomb went off on a bus in tel aviv. allen pizzey is there. good morning, allen. >> reporter: the bus was right next to the israeli defense force headquarters when it happened and fortunately
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escaped. police have cordoned off the area. no word on whether they found the bomber. police have described it as a terrorist attack. this man agrees. >> human lives. on the other side they don't consider it at a factor. >> reporter: the bomb will also have an effect on an effort to arrange a cease fire. bombs on the street are not mentioned in the wording as causing a problem, but israelis will see it as one more reason not to trust hamas. the movement did not claim credit for the attack. when it was announced in gaza there was celebration in the streets. i'm allen pizzey in tel aviv. >> allen, thanks. more attacks.
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gaza city had a very close encounter with one israeli air strike. >> reporter: fighter jets have been passing over gaza city overnight with huge explosions. massive blast just outside the hotel that blew in windows of my room. i ran into the hall to make sure that our colleagues were okay. nobody was injured inside that hotel. more than 100 people have been killed and more than 1,000 wounded in this conflict. >> this is what it looked and sounded like when an israeli air strike pounded a block away from where we were staying. journalists inside scrambled for cover. nowhere is considered safe in gaza city. it was one of a number of attacks that struck an area where a lot of foreign journalists are staying, covering this side of the conflict. it landed in a soccer field in a neighborhood of apartment buildings and hotels.
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it's just a close-up example of the barrage of attacks that have come by air, land and sea, pounding this strip. last night was one of the worst yet in this fight. dozens of rounds into gaza and fighter jets kept up their bombings through dawn. their attacks were sustained and re relentless. they leveled a city block where the interior ministry used to stand. israeli military said it was a command and control center for hamas which makes it a legitimate target.
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that's the real interesting
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question, what happens to the short term deal that then allows them to take on the difficult task tasks? >> what's likely they can make that short term deal? >> it's interesting how you read the leverage. there's an argument that basically if the so-called fiscal cliff happens, taxes go up for everybody. then you have a conversation about -- not about raising taxes, but then about cutting taxes. they will have already gone up. the question is whether the president has a great deal more leverage. he basically then is able to say it's because the republicans were too stuck that they went up in in the first place. so there is an argument for actually -- because the cliff isn't an actual cliff. because nothing will happen the day after that is catastrophic there's an argument for actually maybe letting this happen. the president gets even more leverage. >> there's talk about trying to do two things in two phases protect the middle class and let
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the rest of the stuff go over the cliff for maximum pressure. john dickerson, thank you. slowing down air travelers across the country. nearly 100 flights were canceled this morning at chicago's main airport, o'hare and midway. more than 400 other flights were delayed for an average of 90 minutes. both airports support near zero visibility and they warned that problems could last into the afternoon. that threatens to create a domino effect of delays at airports from coast to coast. most of the people are traveling this morning are taking the highway. millions of them could feel the impact of superstorm sandy when they hit the road. to jim objectionaxelrod is out there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. more americans will travel this thanksgiving than they did the year before. 43 million americans will travel 50 miles or more on this holiday weekend.
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and the aftermath of superstorm sandy could make the usual thanksgiving holiday crunch even worse. hurricane sandy rocked the nation's most populated and busiest travel corridor less than a month ago. now it's forced millions to rethink and re-evaluate their holiday travel plans. >> the economic impact could be substantial. people travel, they spend money. >> reporter: sandy damaged or destroyed a quarter million vehicles. personal and commercial cars and trucks flooded along with car dealerships and rental lots. the result is a rental car shortage during the busiest travel period of the year. >> rental car agencies are saying they're bringing more vehicles into the region. when you're talking about a loss of a quarter million vehicles we're talking about an awful lot of vehicles that have to come into this region to make up the difference. >> reporter: fuel rationing from sandy will continue in new york city the rest of the week despite the holiday. and drivers nationwide will have to dig a bit deeper to fill up.
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the national average price of gas is just about $3.40 a gallon, a drienecline of 40 cents a gallon since october but still on track to set an all-time thanksgiving high. more than 20,000 flights were canceled and airports were closed for days. that industry was quick to bounce back as 3 million travelers are expected to fly this week. >> lingering side effects or after effects of airlines either operationally or financially, everything should be all systems go for this weekend. >> back on the new jersey turnpike, imagine these roads in a couple of hours. more than a million new jersey residents expected to be on the move today. although from my experience on the new jersey turnpike probably not moving as quickly as they would like. charlie? >> jim, remember what my mother used to say to me. just because you love cars you don't have to be the fastest and
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best driver on the road. >> your mother was a smart woman. i'll keep that in mind. >> jim axelrod, thank you. robert f. kennedy's youngest son was accused of assaulting two nurses earlier this year. as jeff glor reports, the defendant says he just wanted to give the newborn child some fresh air. good morning. >> charlie, good morning. during this five-day trial, prosecution was trying to prove that kennedy was harassing nurses and putting his child in danger. kennedy said he was innocent, waiving his right to a jury and letting the judge make the call. the >> the only people who acted inappropriately, the only people the judge found who create this had situation that resulted in what everyone saw in the videotape were the nurses. >> reporter: back in january, cameras capture edd kennedy trying to leave a westchester hospital
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with his two-day old son beau. that's when two nurses thinks he was violating hospital policy tried to stop him. and a seven-minute confrontation unfolded. in court one nurse testified kennedy twisted his arm. the other accused him of kicking her. >> douglas and molly are incredibly thrilled by the end of the nightmare to receive an un unequivocal statement from the judge that douglas did not commit any crimes is something that they are very grateful for. >> reporter: in a ten-page decision judge john donohue wrote that the nurses chose to physically confront the defendant and that kennedy was calm and did not raise his voice or threaten them in any way. the women could still file a civil lawsuit. kennedy's lawyer says the court has spoken and his famous last name has nothing to do with it.
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>> people shouldn't think he received preferential treatment because he's a kennedy. he went through this nightmare because he's a kennedy. >> kennedy himself never took the stand. his not guilty decision came on what would be the 87th birthday of his father. norah? an explosion that devastated an indianapolis neighborhood, police reportedly are talking with mark leonard and mon sechlt rrate shirley. they live next door to john and jennifer longworth, the young couple who died in the explosion. indianapolis star they were told believe a gas or stove may have been tampered with in their home. single-game scoring record. jack taylor in iowa, 138 points last night against faith baptist college. you heard that right.
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138 points. made 52 of his 108 shots. that included 27 three-point baskets. the old record for ncaa game was 113 points set way back in 1954. they won the game 179-104. by the way, david larson of faith baptist scored 70 points. >> love it. >> it is time now to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. miami herald shows a 15-year-old boy is charged with manslaughter after a teenage girl was shot to death on a school bus. the shooting is being called an accident. police say the suspect pulled a gun out of his backpack on tuesday. a gun went off once hitting the 15-year-old victim in the neck. no one else was injured. wall street journal reports portfolio manager accused of insider trading has ties to a very well known investigator. describing the case as the most lucrative trading scheme ever.
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the trader works for a company owned by stephen a. cohen. he has not been charged. the guardian says the church of england is holding a meeting after losing a vote to allow women to become bishops. a vote by nonclergical leaders fell short. "new york times," the hostess company failed to come to an agreement with its bakers union despite the help of a mediator. toronto star no link between the full moon and crazy behavior. emergency room visit at two major hospitals in canada and counted the patients who had unexplained behavior suicide thoughts, or strange behavior and compared them to the lunar
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the busiest travel day of of the year and it's wet outside right now. as we take a look at the san jose airport, cloudy skies we have some fog there also some rain continues to fall in that part of the bay area, as well. showers will wind down this morning. but you can see a lot of rain overnight. the roadways are very slick. be careful outside today. by the afternoon, of the skies will part. sunshine and a few clouds, temperatures mild into the 60s. looks like the next couple of days a return to sunshine and warmer weather into the weekend. this national weather report sponsored s "r" us.
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big box retailers are facing a huge christmas challenge. at best buy where profits are way down they are trying harder to match online prices and bring back holiday shoppers. >> what's the advantage to shopping in store? >> i think you get your product right there when you want it. >> this morning rebecca jarvis looks at a retail chain's struggle to survive. and the petraeus scandal takes a bizarre turn. >> look forward to the day when i'm able to answer everyone's questions and explain what really happened in this matter. >> we'll show you how one character took center stage on tuesday along with publicity magnet gloria allred. that's ahead on cbs "this morning."
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this holiday season could be door die for best buy the struggling electronics retailer. so best buy is use agnew strategy to lure holiday stores and t can mean big savings we'll this is a cbs 5 eyewitness news morning update. >> hi,everyone. good morning. 7:26 your time. i'm nervous system. get you caught up with some bay
7:26 am
area head installation lines right now. i'm frank mallicoat. an overnight search turned up the body of an oakland in a quarry near the rockridge quarry. he fell in the water while looking for a cat on a steep hillside. san francisco supervisors passed two items of note. they voted 6-5 to ban public nudity here in the city. and they have decided to allow construction of those so-called microapartments some 220 square feet. san francisco international airport has had a smooth morning with no delays despite the rain on this thanksgiving eve. they do expect backups later today when more travelers arrive getting off work and heading home for the holiday. traffic and weather coming up after the break. stay right there.
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good morning the towards the bay bridge, hey, things
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look better than normal on a typical morning. so yeah, everything is good heading towards the pay gates. still have those metering lights on though so you will have to get through those but otherwise if you are heading towards sfo not too bad. westbound 4 approaching bailey road we still have an accident there blocking a lane and it is stop and go from antioch. that is traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> all right, elizabeth. hi-def doppler busy this morning tracking the raindrops now beginning to settle down a little bit but in redding out the door, the damage is already done. some very slick roads still seeing some scattered light showers outside. reports of fog. clouds part, rain ends and by the afternoon mild temperatures outside. looks like we'll be dry on thanksgiving through the weekend. even get 3 years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train.
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when i was driving to work this morning i saw a line of people already waiting outside the best buy which is -- there's a good chance best buy won't
7:30 am
even be in business by friday and they are waiting in line. i feel like someone should let these people know that there's a thing called the internet and if you use it you can stay home and click on stuff and it will come to your house. if you want to shatter your femur for a blu-ray player, walmart are starting their black friday sales at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. if you want to be greeted by an old person at the door on thanksgiving go visit your grandma. >> good point. >> welcome back to cbs "this morning." i'm norah o'donnell in washington. charlie rose in new york. good morning. >> good morning. >> we were talking about this holiday shopping. it gets into high gear this week. traditional retail chains are under big pressure to bring shoppers in. a new gallup poll finds the average shopper plans to spend $770 on gift as few dollars more
7:31 am
than last year. >> showrooming is near the top of the list. rebecca jarvis went after to see how one retailer is fighting it. >> reporter: good morning. it may be the most wonderful time the year for many. but for best buy this is the most crucial time the year. after reporting a significant drop in quarterly profits on tuesday, best buy has the holidays to try to turn things around. its challenge to every customer walking in it must sell its thousands of stores of merchandise in store rather than online. >> where does everybody like to shop on black friday? >> reporter: in the final countdown to the black friday frenzy -- >> all right team today we're going to do a dry run what black friday will look like. >> reporter: retailers like best buy are leaving nothing to chance. >> when we open we'll have a lot of excited customers out there. >> reporter: at this 24 hour
7:32 am
store in new york city manager amy adoniz is running dress rehearsals ahead of the big day. >> we start the process early on. we hold meetings. we role play and we do dry runs. we do them to department specifics so they know what to expect for that day, what that day will look like. ensure no customer -- >> reporter: how important is black friday for your store? >> it kicks off the whole holiday season fours. >> reporter: best buy makes more than 50% of its profits during the holds. and competition for months dollars is heating up because of online shopping. this holiday americans will spend one in every $6 on the web and while sales overall are forecast to climb 4% sales online are expected to soar 12%. >> you want to search the best possible price and if anything we've learned post-recession is
7:33 am
that if consumers are willing to give up on experience. >> reporter: stock analyst brian sozzi say they shop in stores but buy online and is a big problem for big retailers. >> showrooming is not a phenomenon that has no impact. it's crushing brick-and-mortar retailers. >> you have to embrace the trend of showrooming. as retailers, as merchants, we have to take advantage of the opportunity that customers have to come in to our store. >> reporter: to do just that best buy is offering for the first time to match the prices of online competitors. what's the advantage to shopping in store >> i think you get your product right there when you want it. that's the biggest advantage. >> reporter: but retailers should also be careful of the enemy within. >> i always think about it this way.
7:34 am
every cell phone that's sold for every tablet that's sold, for every ipod that's a vote against brick-and-mortar retailing. >> each year we watch the progression of e commerce and ask this question what's the future of big box retailers. >> the future we're seeing right now is that there will be fewer store fronts. in five years is best buy, is walmart, is target going to need all of the store fronts that are sitting out there right now. the answer for most analysts is no they will not. there very likely will be stores brick-and-mortar stores for people to walk into but as people shift their spending online and that's about 20% of what people spend on the holidays is online towards very likely going mean fewer seasonal jobs about 600,000 of them this year and fewer store fronts. >> thank you. we've now heard from one of the people involved in the david petraeus scandal. it was the twin sister of jill kelley the socialite who led the fbi to uncover the affair.
7:35 am
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this morning general john allen is back in afghanistan resuming his role as the top u.s. commander there. last week the pentagon started to investigate allen's connection to a central figure in the david petraeus scandal. there's a lot of little connections that have brought this whole affair together. eventually led to the cia director resigning. chip reid is here with more information. >> they finally put somebody out there who we thought would give us some information. this is the first time since the scandal broke that we heard from anyone that would appear to have inside information. it turned out to abby czar press conference featuring a famous
7:40 am
celebrity lawyer that only served to raise more questions than it answered. it's been almost two weeks since the story broke and the first person to speak out wasn't general petraeus. it wasn't his alleged mistress broad. nor jill kelley the woman who accidentally uncovered the affair when she allegedly passed threatening emails from broadwell to the fbi. it was natalie khawam. >> we're here today to help the public understand who natalie khawam really is. >> she was joined by none other than gloria allred a celebrity attorney who always seems to find the spotlight when a high profile scandal hits. she was there for the woman who accused disgraced congressman anthony weiner to talk about their racy relation. she was there with the whom had affair with tiger woods and with arnold schwarzenegger.
7:41 am
natalie khawam does have a role in the latest drama but only plays a bit part. general petraeus and general allen under investigation wrote letters supporting natalie khawam in a custody battle. at the press conference she spoke for barely a minute. >> my sister and i just aren't twins we're best friends literally inseparable. >> there were questions. >> how is your sister holding up? >> what do you have with these generals and these young women. >> twhernt answer >> they weren't answered. >> we're not going to have natalie answer any questions today. >> natalie khawam did have this to say about her sister. >> we played varsity tennis together. she played net and i served. we played softball together. she was the catcher and i pitched. we love to cook together.
7:42 am
i usually bake and she sautes. >> gloria allred said her client wouldn't be doing any more appearances because of pending investigations. >> look forward to the day when i'm able to answer everyone's questions and explain what really happened in this matter. >> in fact there was so little information given out that reporters were scratching their heads wondering why they even held a press con it's been a stormy start to the day. a lot of clouds out there right now. fog developing with all the moisture behind, as well. as we look toward the pleasanton area, cloudy skies at this hour. the rain beginning to taper off
7:43 am
a little bit. our hi-def doppler shows you just some scattered light showers now taking you for a closer look toward pleasanton, see some widely scattered showers there but that's what we are going to see this morning and then things clear out. by the afternoon, partly cloudy, some temperatures in the 60s. dry for thanksgiving. and the weekend. you know it may be strange to hear an edgy dee jay get serious. do night a kidney. we'll have the story of his incredible selfless act that may have saved a life next on cbs "this morning." [ knock on door ] cool. you found it. wow. nice place. yeah. [ chuckles ] the family thinks i'm out shipping these. smooth move. you used priority mail flat rate boxes. if it fits, it ships for a low, flat rate. paid for postage online and arranged a free pickup. and i'm gonna track them online, too. nice. between those boxes and this place, i'm totally staying sane this year. do i smell snickerdoodles? maybe. [ timer dings ] got to go. priority mail flat rate boxes. online pricing starts at $5.15. only from the postal service.
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18 americans die each day while awaiting an organ transplant. this month one los angeles dee jay decided to step in and help. it was a teaching moment for him and his listeners. >> reporter: california's morning drive sensation. >> now new music here's pat and kim, let's go. opposite the dee jay kevin rider and gene bean baxter are well-known for their alternative music as well as for their on air antics. >> if you go see that movie and realize there's no vampires. >> reporter: no wonder commuters slammed on their brakes this month when dean surprised serious. >> decided to help a friend out
7:48 am
by donating a kidney. >> reporter: donating a kidney? even kevin was shocked. >> what he's doing is more than what i would do. >> reporter: in the days that followed his generosity became the source of endless jokes. >> this kidney should go in the hall of fame. hall of fame for famous kidneys. >> i'm trying to do my part. >> reporter: it was all about this man, the station's chief engineer. who had been limping along in dialysis for years but never told a soul. >> didn't want anybody to think i was less capable than anybody else at work. >> moving kind of slow didn't look that great and i thought whoa what's going on. lay off the crack what's happening. >> reporter: scott was on a waiting list for a kidney transplant. he told bean it could take as long as eight years. what he said next left him speechless. >> really want to you have one
7:49 am
of my kidneys. i'm healthy. i have two. from everything i read you only need one. you need it. you like you need it. >> it was a business emotional decision for me. i don't think my part of this decision is that big of a deal. i honestly think this surgery is commonplace and in few weeks i'll be fine. >> you're giving up an organ. >> don't need it. i have two. look i'm not the one who has to do the hard work. i just have to go to sleep. >> reporter: there were hurdles from almost the beginning. they were not even the same blood type which until recently made the transplant point. bath process pioneered at cedars sinai hospital tricked scott's body into accepting the kit any. >> if they have pre-existing antibodies in their bloodstream that might attack the organ makes this unrelated donation highly successful. >> as the operation got under way nervous family members gathered in the waiting room.
7:50 am
his wife took to playing monopoly. >> i'm sweating it. >> dean's healthy kidney came into the world unscathed and rushed next door. the long wait was over. >> within the first couple of days you'll feel different. >> i haven't figured the right words out that are three or four levels higher than thank you. what are those words? >> i don't need him to try to put it into words. it's fine. just get better that's all i want to see from scott. >> and a day after the surgery, dean got his chance. >> thank you so much. you really changed my life really. overnight. >> happy to do it. >> appreciate it. >> and there it was.
7:51 am
the first real sign that dean understood what he had done. this of all days because it was his birthday. >> best birthday i ever had. >> i love you so much. >> thanks man. >> really do. >> the best gift had been in los angeles. we'll be right back. >> "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by [ female announcer ] the day best foods and holiday leftovers
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rain's causing some m of the bay >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's 7:56.
7:56 am
i'm michelle griego. rain causing minor flooding in parts of the bay area. this is a look now at the embarcadero in san francisco. in the sierra, snow chains are not required right now on interstate 80 or u.s. 50. but if you are traveling there for thanksgiving, it would be wise to bring your chains along. well, san francisco is joining most of the nation and requiring people to wear clothing in public. some people objected yesterday after the board of supervisors voted to ban public nudity. bill sponsor scott weiner says there needs to be a balance between the rights of nudists and people who don't want to see them. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
good morning. the roads are drying out and we are we have less accidents. at airport both directions flowing nicely this morning. it's still slick in spots westbound 237 still slow and go leaving milpitas towards san
7:58 am
jose. let's check the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on but less traffic than normal towards san francisco. san jose looks good on westbound 92. here's lawrence. >> a lot of rain overnight but things beginning to taper off a bit rain wise right now. still roads are slick and we do have some scattered light showers. live shot over the bay bridge, clouds looking ominous but beginning to break a little bit. hi-def doppler still shows scattered light showers. closer look toward fremont, in that direction rain along the 680, 880, as well. but dry toward the afternoon. 60s and mild. next couple of days a return to sunshine. looks like warmer temperatures into the weekend.
7:59 am
it's 8:00 a.m. welcome back to cbs "this morning."
8:00 am
a bus bombing in tel aviv threatens peace talks in the middle east. can secretary of state clinton help repair the damage? should birth control pills be sold over-the-counter? one group of doctors says yes and it's not without
8:01 am
and went bankrupt. >> the eye opener at 8:00 is brought to you by the aarp. i'm charlie rose w i'm charlie rose with gayle king. cai norah o'donnell is in washington.nother secretary of state hillary clinton is in cairo for another et round of ceasefire talks. israel and
8:02 am
there's no letup in the fighting. >> another wrench thrown in the peace efforts this morning. a bomb exploded on a tel aviv tel aviv. bus. >> allan pizzey is in tel aviv. >> the bomb went off shortly before lunchtime. side win ten people were injured. ten peop three of them seriously, although it's not ously. life-threatening. the blast took place almost right next to the israeli defense headquarters in central tel aviv and fortunately just around the corner from a hospital. 11 people were treated for shockstreet. in the street. the last serious bombing in tel aviv was over six years ago. ago that killed 11 people.ople. the police say this was not a suicide bomb but they're calling it most definitely a not a terrorist attack.definitely they believe the bomb was placed under th under the seat and think maybe on one or two men were involved and it they were hunting for them in the area. they there's no word they found anybody yet. yet. the bomb is not directly linked
8:03 am
to anybody but hamas supporters. people in gaza broke out in ave celebration. it will have an effect on the peace talks because israelis will see this as saying unit deal with these people. talks the problem with the peace talks at the moment is that there's a disagreement over the wording. the israelis want an end to all rocke the bombings and attacks from israel.opening hamas specifically watts an opening of the borders with concer gaza. that's a nonstarter as for as that israel is concerned. bombs are not included in it in but but they will feature in those now. talks now. charlie, norah and gail. >> tha >> thank you. there's no ceasefire in spite of days of intense talks. middle of secretary of state hillary clinton is in the middle of
8:04 am
that. john miller, former deputy ele director of national intelligence joins us. what would a ceasefire look like? >> so you're dealing with a trust but trust and then verify atmosphere where the trust is very low and the ability to verify is pretty s difficult. so it's not going to be an if shootin you stop shooting we'll stop it shooting. it's got to have a third party built in. could that be qatar, turkey? the most likely player would be gypt. egypt. hamas. they have a relationship with israel, a strong relationship egypti with hamas. idea that might mean putting egyptian monitors in, on the idea that the long-range rockets hamas goted. from iran would be removed, no co further shipments would come in be no and there would be no shooting inte there. that would put egypt in a prettypresident mo interesting position. >> considering the new leader is the muslim brotherhood.
8:05 am
>> they created hamas. monitor when you look at them as o monitor, that's the trust but trust. verify who do we really trust.egypt but israel has a long-standing s govern relationship with egypt, not this government. that would be a big test for vernment morsi, the morsi government and brother the muslim brotherhood as a broker legitimate broker in the region.nk and i think there's some hope that that could come together. also but also at the same time a lotlot of of >> john, i'm struck by how much the egyptian president has been resident engaged with president obama, president obama calling him reportedly three times from air force one.usly obviously secretary clinton has landed in cairo this morning. how critical is egypt's role? do you think there will be a ceasefire by the end of the day? >> i tried not to make predictions like that. to vale's role is critical. it's a test as to whether they broker can be accepted as an honest broker in the region.ities. one of the fascinating things here is the people.
8:06 am
you have mohammed shehada, now the head of egyptian inte h generals. he's not a morsi guy, per se. morsi morsi promoted him. he he goes back to the mubarak me. regime. israelis have a relationship with him. they have dealt with him in secret. he was the broker who got their soldier who was held by hamas for six years out. of a he has a relationship with hamas. r when you have a trusted agent as agent a middle man who all sides have had experience with that's the kind kind of thing where you can see them developing a deal where they say okay we're taking your word for it. then the te and then the test begins. >> thank you, john. and there is a war of words francis in san francisco over nakedness.kedness. on tuesday by a 6-5 vote the ved city council barely approved the ban on public nudity. stri about a half dozen protesters their pe stripped down on the spot saying their personal freedom was being naked violated. the new law says anybody who
8:07 am
gets naked faces a $500 fine.t t in the mayor approves it will new take effect in february. hake a new disclose your could shake up the casey anthony case. last year you may recall she was found not guilty of murdering her daughter caylee. orlando now her lawyer tells our orlando bri station, wkmg that the prosecution failed to bring t computer evidence. it seems to show that anthony n the did a web search on how to kill and poison and suffocate on the ed. same afternoon her daughter was murdered. >> we were waiting for the state. to bring it up. when they didn't we were kind of shock.idn't why they didn't bring it up or it ha how it happened you'd have to to ask them ask them about it. i don't understand how no one ever knew about this evidence. we were keeping it close to the vest and ready to counterpunch in the trial, and it never came >> out. >> the sheriff's office admits
8:08 am
it failed to give prosecutors that information. prosecut prosecutor jeff ashton said it's a shame a shame they didn't have that computer evidence. you last we heard first told you last week that kevin clash, the pep ve peteer behind elmo was on leave.ual that follows allegations of a sexual relationship with an underage boy. now a second accuser have come forward. clash has now designed. "sesa cecil singleton claims he was 165 when when clash first engaged him in engaged in sexual behavior. he is suing clash for $5 he million. $5 clash says he's deeply sorry to leaving sesame street and is looking forward to resolving these personal matters privately. more american homeowners arebuying singl buying single cup coffee one reason they are cost effective. effective. brewing one cup on a single machine serve machine costs anywhere from from 55 to 80 cents. a starbucks tall costs two to s mu three times as much.24% 24% of all american homes
8:09 am
already have single serve coffee makers. sales of those machines are expected t expected to reach nearly $2 and billion this year. here i
8:10 am
should women get should women get birth control pills over the counter without a prescription? a leading group of women and doctors say absolutely. we'll look at the pros and cons of that controversial recommendation next on "cbs this morning." >> this portion of cbs "this morning" is sponsored by aarp. fighting to keep medicare and social security strong for generations to come. anncr: but you deserve straight talk about the options on the... table and what they mean for you and your family. ancr: aarp is cutting through all the political spin. because for our 37 million members, only one word counts. get the facts at
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ingredients like hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. okay, plates in the sink, grab your backpacks -- [ male announcer ] nutella. breakfast never tasted this good. "google, how much does the earth weigh?" google voice response: "earth has a mass of five point nine..." ♪ "sleep on needles" by sondre lerche ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ]
8:14 am
[ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] and ♪ ♪ this morning the american college of obstetricians and gynecologists is calling for the biggest change in birth control in half a century. the country's leading group of obgyns says the pill should be sold over-the-counter with no prescription needed. >> let's talk about that with dr. rebecca brightman, an obgyn
8:15 am
at the new york school of medicine. were you surprised? >> i was absolutely surprised. unfortunately half of the pregnancies that occur in this country are unplanned and unintended. >> what's the age rate? >> greatest among 18-24-year-olds. this is among women in reproductive years. it translates into a really large cost for society, about $11 billion per year. >> why do you think they made the recommendation? >> they're looking at birth control pills. while they have their risks, the risks of pregnancy exists at all. the recommendation is based on increasing access will decrease the um number of unwanted pregnancies. and it will also foster greater compliance. >> doctor, what are the risks to providing birth control pills
8:16 am
over-the-counter? >> the risks extend to potentially women not being able to appropriately select themselves, potentially checking off a checklist and overlooking an underlying health problem such as high blood pressure undiagnosed cancer that's estrogen dependent. i think patients should see their physicians to make the appropriate choice of the appropriate contraception for them. >> is there any age range? if this happens, does that mean 14, 15 16-year-old girls can walk into the pharmacy and get this? >> that remains to be said. this has yet to receive fda approval. so that has not been standardized. there are certain products that are available over-the-counter and women need to be 17 to access the products. we don't know if that's parental consent. we don't know anything just yet. >> doctor, what do you think this recommendation means about the future of birth control and making it more ready accessible?
8:17 am
>> i think acog is acknowledging the fact that we have a problem in terms of an unintended pregnancy rate. i think pills will be more ready available. there really remains the question of will this be covered by insurance companies? will people be able to afford it once it becomes readily available? i think it's a way in which we can acknowledge yet another form of birth control that's acceptable acceptable. >> do you think this is a good thing? i have friends calling me saying this is great news and others saying, wait, this is not so fast. >> i agree, not so fast. i think women should realize, this is not a pass this is not a get out of going to your doctor pass. women should see their health care professional at least once a year. they need breast exams, pap smears need to be screened for stds. they need an ongoing dialogue about where they are at this stage of their life to determine what is the most appropriate form of birth control.
8:18 am
>> thank you dr. rebecca brighton. good to see you. person to person was a groundbreaking program in the early days. it's back with charlie rose and lara logan. the nfl drew brees talks to them about two of his heroes when "cbs this morning" continues. nouns thouns this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by her see's simple measures. 30% fat. 100% delicious. 30% less fat, 100% delicious.
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these are ocean spray sparkling juice drinks. they have bubbles. it's real fruit juice; crisp, sparkling water; and no added sugar. and they come in these really cool cans. you want one? i'll wait a bit. all right. mm. refreshing.
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8:21 am
did you see him yesterday? he was testifying before a senate subcommittee. did you see this? we have exclusive footage. here's governor chris christie. >> one of the reasons why we're the only organization to add republicans we lost the presidency we went up from 29 to 30 republican governors because people see us getting things done like this. getting things done for people. i don't think this is an
8:22 am
examination we have to go through. we're doing our jobs. >> he was on morning joe. that's where he was. look, everybody. >> good for governor christie. he knows how to make a turkey. listen to this advice perfect holidays only happens on walton's mountain. it comes from phillip galanes. he helps us get through thanksgiving and beyond. you're watching cbs "this morning," your local news is next.
8:23 am
8:24 am
headlines... a man has been found >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. hi,everyone. good morning. 8:235 your time. i'm frank mallicoat.
8:25 am
get you caught up with some bay area headlines right now. a man has been found dead in an east bay quarry hours after he went out to find his cat in the rain. divers found the body early this morning in about 30 feet of water behind oakland's rockridge shopping center. the man is believed to have slipped on a steep slope and fallen in that quarry. jeff tedford era over at cal. he was fired after 11 seasons coaching the golden bears football team he won a school record 82 games and share of the conference title years back but the bears lost the final five games this season finishing a disappointing 3-9. also in san francisco, supervisors voted to allow construction of the so-called micro-apartments. the downsized dwellings would be as small as 220 square feet. nice and small. closet and bathroom included by the way. the projected rent is up to $1,700 a month of.
8:26 am
but they are brand-new. got your traffic and weather. coming up after the break.
8:27 am
good morning. the east bay traveling up 880 there are a couple of stalls now one by fruitvale and another close to downtown and unfortunately, this is what it's doing to the morning drive. northbound backed up from looks like the coliseum up towards downtown oakland. >> elsewhere, let's go towards the san mateo bridge. you can see a few raindrops on the camera lens this morning
8:28 am
but traffic is lighter than usual. the san mateo bridge and at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> all right. we are still seeing some showers around the bay area. the skies beginning to break up a little bit. the showers winding down and i think as we head toward the afternoon we'll see a little sunshine right now. it's cloudy as we look toward mount diablo. hi-def doppler radar still showing some scattered light showers. the bulk of the rainfall coming in overnight. you can see it move through there. things settling down. latter part of the day rain ends. we'll see sunshine and a few clouds. the temperatures are going to be fairly mild mainly into the 60s and then high pressure begins to build in nicely for thanksgiving day nice warmer throughout the weekend.
8:29 am
♪ welcome back to cbs "this
8:30 am
morning." hey there's tony bennett with wynton marsalis. this friday night cbs is bringing back "person to person." when it first aired in 1950s well-known people opened their homes to edward r. murrow every weekend. world war ii. he was in on the invasion of okinawa.
8:31 am
i got to go and stand on the beach that he stormed in on and my grandfather is still alive and i was able to get on a satellite phone and talk to him while standing on that beach and i asked him, you know, grandpa what were you thinking because, you know, i was overcome with emotion just crying thinking about what that must have been like. he said i was 19 years old, i was trying to live to be 20. still gets me kind of emotional. but that was the greatest generation. those were strong men and women and we owe our lives to them every day. >> clearly an emotional idea for you, i suspect for many of those warriors you're a hero but clearly for you they are the hero. >> there's no question. it is amazing when they tell you man i'm such a big fan, you're my idol or what have you. i flip that around on them and say no you're the hero. >> let me talk to you about another hero of yours. ted williams. why ted williams? >> i was originally a baseball player. i wanted to be a professional baseball player. i always admired the fact that
8:32 am
he was probably the greatest blend of power and just pure hitting. the more i learned about him he played 21 years but lost on four to five years of the prime of his career because of military service. i always had so much respect for, i think, his mindset in regards to serving his country, being the best baseball player he could be and i always respected that. >> so your wife says what you see is what you get with you. you wrote about the birth mark that's on your face and the effect hit on you going up and why you never wanted that removed. what did that do to you and how it shaped your character? >> i think every person has something that's unique about them and, kids can be cruel so growing up with a birth mark on your face that's obviously something that's very different. so i got plenty of teasing and, you know bullying growing up with that kind of thing. i never wanted to have it removed because i felt it was a part of me.
8:33 am
as i got older especially would look at me and say i can't imagine you without it. >> as it turns out it didn't happen to be a problem with the ladies? >> britney didn't mind it so much, i guess. >> he's a very interesting guy. he came to new orleans after katrina and bringing the super bowl to that town at that time was a remarkable achievement and new orleans people love him for what he gives back to the city. >> love him, the fact that he just became emotional talking about the war heroes and that he can talk so candidly about his mark. most people try to hide that stuff. i can't wait to see it. >> up can see the entire interview and our interview with sean penn and alicia keys. >> holidays are coming. thanksgiving is tomorrow. there are bound to be some awkward social moments at your thanksgiving dinner.
8:34 am
columnive phillip
8:35 am
8:36 am
let me show you how it's done. dad how about a little percussion. tap, tap. mom, high hat. good, mom. excellent. and engineer rirksjerry, on the kick drum. come, come come. on the kick drum. come come. go. and jerry in the house. come come. with the kick drum. >> i'm just not a kick drum kind of guy. i rather be a listener. >> that awkward moment comes from "the breakup." we got "new york times" columnist phil galanes to help us get through this holidays.
8:37 am
he's the author of "social qs requests. published busy monday and shuster which is a division of cbs. now that was a funny moment. but there are many times at thanksgiving where it's a very tense situation. you wrote in your column this past sunday on thanksgiving. this is a time of year for letting atrocious but harmless behavior roll off our backs. >> this is the kick-off for a super bowl game that lasts from tomorrow all the way to new year's day. we're going to be seeing more family members. we're going to be drinking more booze. we'll be going into deeper credit card debt and flying more than we do the rest the year put together. so we got pace ourselves and our outrage and our strong resentments and feelings and try to take a breath. >> and if you're having a tense
8:38 am
time with your family, the holiday dinner table is not the time to try to resolve it. >> now is not the time to do it. now is never the time where you want somebody at your table to stand up and say what did you mean by that? you want to just take a breath, and see if you can get yourself to january, february an ideal time to resolve problems. >> aren't socially awkward moments inevitable in life whether it's holiday time or not. >> thank you very much. that's why i have a job and a book and a column in the times. you can't predict -- you can try. in the book i try chapter by chapter to tell you how to get through your moments on dates and at the office and with the family and with your mother but they will crop up every which way. >> and i always go back to the thanksgiving table because you're seeing people that you haven't seen in a long time and suppose you disagree with the menu that's being served or the time of the dinner tor people that are coming.
8:39 am
>> keep your trap shut. we're not used to cooking for small armies if we're hosts. so we don't really need the guests to say oh, i couldn't eat that. i've never liked the chestnut. the poor man or women has been up for two days cooking four. just smile and shovel it in. >> you've been described as a dear abbey of our time and you're okay with that. >> i think dear abbey was a down woman. i liked dear abbey a lot. i wish i could wig out my hair like that i would do it. >> what about social etiquette that some of us get swrong. >> it's human. it's that we get a little too invested in our own experience and one of the things of being a lawyer has trained me to do always is to look at the other person's -- what's the other person going to say to me when i start negotiating something. so if we can do that then we got a bit of a head start in
8:40 am
figuring out how to negotiate all the inevitable awkward situations that will come our way. >> as we prepare to sit down with our loved one, keep calm. let it go. let it go for today. >> you got it. >> that's good advice. thank you phillip galanes. good to see you. >> "social qs" is out in paper back. tony bennett and wynton marsalis is in studio 57 and charlie rose. >> i've never seen so much talent in my life. i'm trying to calm them down but when you sit with these guys you feel the music. >> we'll talk about the my circumstance life and other things that we're thankful for on this thanksgiving eve. that's coming up next on cbs "this morning." ♪
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ that is the one and only wynton marsalis saluting tony bennett. the one and only tony bennett. he publish ad memoir called "life is a gift." >> tony bennett is along with wynton marsalis. we're pleased to have them. what a great title, tony, "life is a gift." >> tell me about him. >> he's the essence of our american tradition. he's a civil rights map. he stood for the highest quality of music for this long and also
8:44 am
a tremendous give. he does so many things for some people. >> in the end, beyond all that stuff, it's the voice. >> the voice the musicianship you name it. >> i love doing it. i love being an entertainer. i like to make people feel good. i'm very content after i -- people leave the theater they feel great. makes me feel very good. >> you sing a song what are you thinking? >> just want to believe what i'm singing at the time. >> if you can feel it inside and believe it you can tell it through your voice. >> absolutely. >> and connect to it our thoughts. >> right. exactly. >> you write in your book that one of your favorite songs is the world is full of beautiful things. that really does seem after reading the book the way you see life, tony.
8:45 am
>> it is. as a student of painting you study nature and the more you study nature you can't believe how, what a gift it is, that's why i call it "life is a gift." you study nature and it's so beautiful, and it's the boss bigger than all of us. >> you're not just a student of painting you're a painter. and you're 86. and still going strong. >> love it. >> learning new things every day. >> yes. that's what i'm temping for, keep learning. trying to get better. >> you picked up exactly on what i was thinking charlie you said at 76 you still have so much to learn and you're still looking to grow. what is it that you're still trying to do that you have not done? >> just want to get better. >> at singing? >> at anything i'm doing. i want to keep growing and learning more and more.
8:46 am
>> you write in the book that you say there's no such thing as a bad audience it's a bad performance. >> right. >> do you think that's true? >> it is true. >> you blame yourself if the show doesn't go well? >> absolutely true. you know, if you walk out with an energy, the audience has the energy. if you walk out where you don't care whether they like you or not then they don't care whether they like you or not immediately. it's just that simple. >> you also made an interesting comment in the book about when in the early days they could do a whole lot 2009 days. now they spend three weeks on a song. >> that takes a lot of time to prepare for it but when you went in you did it in 3 1/2 hours. four sons in 3 1/2 hours. >> do you see a difference in the performance. when you have to do something live you have to get to it. when you have three weeks maybe you can be -- >> yeah. >> what do you think? >> too relaxed or more relaxed. what was your feeling about?
8:47 am
>> you have to be prepared. it takes a lot of homework before you go into performing with the entertainers and musicians. you have to walk in knowing what you're going do. >> this is like watching joe dimaggio and ted williams talking about hight. >> a great analogy. there's a story in the book where you did a song in 15 minutes. somebody said that's great you did it in 15 minutes and your son said 15 minutes and 50 years of work. we asked marsalis where are we as a country and what should we be grateful on this holiday? >> turkey may be the centerpiece but let's not forget about stuffing cranberry sauce and all the comfort in dysfunction and extended family bring to the table, thanksgiving. the mythic meal shared by native americans with starving pilgrims
8:48 am
became a symbol of giving to others in need of accepting kindness with gratitude and recognizing the temperamental nature of mother nature. president lincoln set fourth thursday in november the holiday we share. this has now become a sacred tradition. the harder the times, the greater the giving the deeper the thanks. today we slowly are coming together after a contentious election season. our candidates extended enormous resources in a divisive debate over the national agenda which strained the fabrics of families and communities. in the northeast victims of superstorm sandy some still without homes face enormous obstacle, be it earthquakes in the west tornadoes in the midwest or hurricanes in the south, mother nature will have
8:49 am
her way. but we are generous and resourceful nation. we always grow to the size of the challenge. as we invite fellow citizens to a welcome table in this time of need let us give thanks for what we have and for what we have in each other. november means thanksgiving. every november. this tradition lifts us up to a year end holiday season of grand giving and gratitude. let's not offlook the personal tradition of river day that make our world a much sweeter place. we must have our sunday service. what about mama lucy's beauty parlor every other wednesday or a few colorful words with captain bob at the newsstand? let's give thanks for the personal touch stones that shape and enrich our lives. and there's always much to be thankful for. though the blues are always on
8:50 am
the menu, humankindness is every where around us. it is in the night and day work of those who restored power after sandy. it is in the selfless of out pouring of financial aid. let us pray for those in need and let us also give thanks to our every day heroes. grandparents who pick up the slack for struggling parents. artists who perform in hospital prisons and homes for the elderly. students who mentor and parents who coach. volunteers from all across the nation whose outpouring of concern caring and compassion create a symphony of giving in the spirit of that mythic first thanksgiving feast. this is a time to recognize and give thanks and pray. of all the things we have in common glorious landscapes, tlilg thrilling adventures things we possess nothing is more impactful than another person.
8:51 am
it's thanksgiving. let's carve more than the holiday turkey let's give let us forgive, let us give thanks. >> tony not bad for a horn player. >> pretty good. wonderful. >> that was very powerful. >> it's work with the team here. >> did you have a little help there? >> thank you. >> thanksgiving is one of the aggravate holidays and something we can all appreciate. always something good happens to us. >> i love the line you said the harder the giving the deeper the thanks. >> right. >> the more terrible stuff happens, louis armstrong had a saying he would describe the most horrific thing and then at the end he would say it's life much what's in tony's singing, acceptance of the bad things. life is great but underneath that is all of these things that
8:52 am
happened and we'll make it great and make it greater. >> tony you loved louis armstrong. knee taught everybody how to play. he in vented swing, bee bop, rap. whatever will come out next you'll find out he did it. >> when they came to you tony to change your style of singing you went to count bassie and said why change an apple. >> if it ain't broke don't fix it. happy thanksgiving. tony happy thanksgiving. "life is a gift" is on sale and i also want to say to our lady in washington happy thanksgiving. thank you. have a great one for us.
8:53 am
through thanksgiving weekend at sleep train get 36 months interest-free financing and save $400, $500, up to $600 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get 3 years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. plus, free same day delivery set-up, and removal of your old set.
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when brands compete, you save. but mattress price wars ends sunday, thanksgiving weekend at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ mallicoat, with your c-b-s five headlines... >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. it is 8:55. i'm frank mallicoat. we'll get you caught up with
8:55 am
some bay area headlines right now. people will soon have to stay clothed in san francisco after the board of supervisors voted to ban public nudity. it was close, though. some protestors stripped down during yesterday's hearing on were escorted out of court. the sponsor scott weiner says there needs to be a balance between the rights of nudists and the rights of everyone else. the union that staged a one- day strike against the port of oakland says that mayor jean quan helped get contract talks going once again. negotiators have broken down last spring with disagreements over payage benefits over retirement contributions. yesterday's picket lines stopped activity at the port but it is operating once again this morning. there were also some pickets at the airport but no travel disruptions there. >> nurses are striking for a second day at 8 sutter hospitals in the bay area. the key issue including staffing levels and paid sick leave. replacement nurses have been
8:56 am
brought in to keep the hospitals open. here's lawrence now with your holiday forecast. kind of a slippery start i would say. >> yeah. stormy early on things beginning to settle down a bit. a lot of moisture left behind. we are seeing fog and scattered light showers in toward the san jose area. you see some of the raindrops on the lens there. but things will be settling down as we head throughout the day. the storm clouds beginning to part as we look toward the afternoon. that rain will wind down, as well. temperatures by the afternoon mainly in the 60s. the next couple of days it looks like we'll dry things out for the holiday staying dry and warmer through the weekend. we are going to check your "timesaver traffic" coming up next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. minor flooding in the bay area may cause a slightly slower- than-usual commute depending where you're going. northbound 880 a couple of accidents kind of jamming up there towards fruitvale. southbound 880 if you are heading towards the airport actually looks good as you can see from this live camera. better news now eastbound 780 all lanes cleared approaching military west.
8:59 am
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